MemoRecall FAQ

What is MemoRecall?
MemoRecall is an easy way of getting notified about your reminders by phone. You will get phone call to defined phone number at specified time and hear your reminder message.
How MemoRecall works?
MemoRecall is a separate service based on Evernote platform. After proper setup it will monitor all your Evernote notes (new and updated) trying to find notes of special format. Such ones (if found) will be considered as MemoRecall reminders - MemoRecall will parse them to fetch phone number, scheduled time and text message (or recorded message). That information will be used to call specified phone number at needed time and play text-to-speech voice generated message (or attached audio file).
What I need to start using MemoRecall?
You need to have MemoRecall application installed on your device. Also you need to have Evernote account.
How to use MemoRecall?
Using MemoRecall is easy. Just authorize MemoRecall application with your Evernote account. Then add (or edit existing) reminder note in your favorite Evernote client - web or mobile. Make sure you follow the required note format: "Remind to +XXXXXXXXXXXX: your reminder message text" (for example: "Remind to +16175551122: don't forget to buy flowers"). Also don't forget to set proper reminder date and time.
Now you should see active scheduled reminder on the "Reminders" tab of MemoRecall application. That's all!
Now just wait for the scheduled time and receive your reminder call at the specified phone number.
Why need to use special note format?
MemoRecall somehow need to know which notes you want to be reminded about. To make successful call it will need the proper phone number. It also need to know when exactly you want to receive a call. To successfully get all that information from your note it has to be the properly formatted.
If you miss something - MemoRecall will not be able to extract required information and schedule your call.
So please make sure you start your note from "Remind to" words and check that specified phone number is formatted with a '+' and country code e.g., +16175551122 (E.164 format).
I created a note but can't see it in scheduled list.
Make sure your note is properly formatted as "Remind to +XXXXXXXXXXXX: your reminder message text" (for example: "Remind to +16175551122: don't forget to buy flowers").
Try ro reload the list of scheduled reminder in the application by making pull-to-refresh gesture.
Can I disable or remove reminders?
Of course. Just tap on scheduled reminder and choose "Disable" in the popup menu. You can also "Enable" disabled items or "Delete" them.
When you delete the reminder - it will be deleted only from the MemoRecall list but not from your Evernote storage.
Why I need to pay for reminders?
Generally phone calls are not free. MemoRecall uses third-party service to make calls and need to pay for it.
When I'm billed?
You are only billed for completed reminder calls. If call is unable to complete (received busy signal or cancelled by recipient) - it is considered as failed and you will not be billed for it.
My balance was charged for failed call.
MemoRecall is still developing so errors are possible. Just email us your Evernote account name to and we will check that.
I don't like text-to-speech voice.
You can simply record voice message and attach that audio file to your note when editing in Evernote client. First attached audio file will be played to you during the call instead of generated text-to-speech voice message.
I record audio message in Evernote client on my iPhone/iPad but it is failed to play during the reminder call.
Sorry, there is known issue with playing attached audio files recorded in Evernote client for iOS. We suppose to fix it in the future.
Can I remove introduction message?
Such feature will be available later.
Can I change the message voice to male/female?
Such feature will be available later.
Found a bug or have a question?
Please drop us a line at